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Easily offer DeFi investing to users

Integrate DeFi into any application with just 5 lines of code. Start profiting up to 1% commission fees.

All of DeFi within a single API

  • Developer-friendly SDK

  • No previous blockchain knowledge required

  • No system maintenance costs

  • Always up to date and secure

  • React.js and Vue.js out of the box components

Web3 features wrapped within a Web2 UX

  • Easy DeFi investing experience

  • Safe by default

  • No dealing with 12-word private keys

Attract more customers

  • Offer a wider variety of services

  • Retain your customers

  • Become a decentralized bank

Risk rating out-of-the-box

  • Provide clients with quality investing

  • Scale to pro-investors with advanced features

Integrated AML solution

Establish a positive perception with regulators by proactively applying best practices and controlling for risk in an emerging technology.

Unprecedented possibilities. Impeccable security.

  • Users access DeFi through your platform

  • Smooth Web3 on-boarding

  • No need to create wallet or manage private keys

  • Seamless access to all of DeFi in one place

  • Secure by default Gateway

  • Automatic tax filing for all










Coming soon!

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